Child Sponsorship

The CoGS nursery school (or in our lingo, the Kinda), is located in Jabang Village, The Gambia, in West Africa.

Isatou SannehThe school trains teachers and provides education for 100 children aged between 3 and 7 years of age. During the school day a nourishing meal is also provided in addition to assisting with emergency medical care and a supply of fresh drinking water.

The children all get a chance to learn, participate and grow in a safe and secure school environment, giving them a strong start to life and being able to attend primary school (big school).

So, how can you help? Child sponsorship is just $25.00 per month.      ALL funds do go directly to the charity to support your selected child at the school.

Other fundraising is carried out throughout the year to support those children without sponsors so that they do not miss out on an education.

With every one working together and generous people sponsoring more and more of the children we are progressing forward. Thank you for our help and support.


Lamin Colley(2)As you can see in these pictures we have some seriously cute children that all deserve a great start. Our teachers work hard to ensure quality time is spent with  each child to ensure no one gets left behind or held back.

We still have around 30 children to be sponsored and we are working hard to  find people who would like to do this. We don’t believe in sending out continuous mail in regard to how your child is doing as this would mean we couldn’t send every cent raised out to the school and the children.

You will however get a photo of your child and some drawings they have done and sometimes copies of their tests or reports once or twice a year which are collected by the volunteers when they go out to the school.


$25 a month doesn’t sound a massive amount to us, (a nice meal out, a few drinks with friends, maybe a trip to the cinema or toys for the children) but to these children it means a hot meal, clean water and an education!!