Healesville Sanctuary 2013

Our first family day was held May 2013 at Healesville Sanctuary.

The day included:

  •   Entry into Healesville Sanctuary
  •   Priority seating at the bird & platypus show
  •   Private group animal encounter in the platypus arena
  •   Meet n greet (face to face) with some of the animals during   a private talk for our attendees
  •   BBQ Lunch
  •   Free time around the sanctuary before and after the event.

Our aim is for this event to be held during February or March each year from 2014 and we would welcome contact from suitable venue providers for future family day events!

With 62 adults and children attending this fantastic day at Healeville Sanctuary we were able to raise $1030.50, even better than this outcome though was how the children who attended the event faces lit up when each of them received an awesome toy each which were kindly donated by Platinum Plumbing.


Our special thanks as always go to the people who helped make the event happen, our sponsorers:

  • committee smallHealesville Sanctuary
  • Platinum Plambing
  • Jigsaw Projects
  • More Profit Less Time
  • Section Technologies
  • Lateral Building Supplies
  • Geyer Accountants
  • Barry Plant Boronia Rentals
  • Denh Lay Photography

Ways to assist us with this event next year include:

  •   Promotion
  •   Donations of food & drink for lunch, or items for give-aways and raffles
  •   Assisting on the day with activities


More photos taken at the event:

“Photography by Denh Lay Photography” – http://www.denhlay.com/blog/portraiture-information/

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