Business Lunch 2013

July Business Luncheon.

Business Networking and Charity Auction Event – Presented by CoGS Australia Inc.

Wednesday, 24thJuly, 2013.

The CoGS of Collaboration Bring Karma

Natalie Hallet is quite a woman!  Through personal trauma and a family association with Gambia she travelled to West Africa and became a part of cause so worthy, for children living in squaller, their education almost non-existent, serious health issues, AND walking for hours to find buckets of fresh water to carry home.  From that, Natalie came home and made a life changing choice to immigrate to Australia. She rallied her friends in business, Donna Harding-Smith (Lateral Building Design), Carolyn Geyer (Geyer Accountants), Kim Wilson (Barry Plant Rentals Boronia) and Adam Gurrie (Section Technologies) to join her to raise funds to further develop the school, a well, a birthing centre and hope giving measures.  Whilst some of us lie around like a sack of potatoes on Sundays, that same sack could feed a third-world village for a week!  What price a packet of Tim Tams?

The girls, Adam Gurrie, and their associates, held a fabulous Network and Fund-Raising Luncheon in July, with the generous support of Stefan Kazakis and his “Think Big (ger)” principles of growing business, Caren Hendrie as MC, and John Millar as auctioneer.  The sponsored auction brought bids to raise much needed support for children living in sub-standard conditions who will never see Iced VoVos or Teddy Bear biscuits.  Stefan stated, “Show gratitude for the opportunity to serve your clients.  Question what you want to achieve.  Make quality decisions.  Act with a purpose and, thus, get your desired results.  Be your personal best every day.”  He was talking about the principles of growing your business.  Importantly, too, these collaborators have taken their business talents and applied them to making a difference to children in Gambia in the same way.  A total of $2800 was raised and thanks go to the fabulous auction donors, business sponsors, volunteer helpers and bidders.



Stefan Kazakis, Board of Directors 12 –“Where every small business ownercan achieve Big Business Success”

Caren Hendrie, The Hendrie Group –Financial Adviser, Practice Manager, and Founder of Women Getting Results

Natalie Hallett, CoGS Australia Inc. President, and Manager of Section Technologies

John Millar –More Profit Less Time



Auction Items & Donors

  •  Either a two night (weekend) OR a three night (mid-week) stay at the luxury B&B, Lakeside Cottage, including gourmet breakfast. (Donated by Kaye Gurrie, Lakeside Cottage)
  •  Two $375 Photography Vouchers. (Donated by Johl Dunn, JD Portrait Art)
  • Oak on Collins – two night stay. Value $887 (Donated by Oak on Collins AND Carolyn Geyer/ Geyer accountants)
  • $900 Photography Voucher. (Donated by Johl Dunn, JD Portrait Art)
  • Madison Day Spa, Echuca. Two nights including breakfast and one dinner, a bottle of bubbles, and a massage for two people. Value $887. (Donated by Russell Summers, Give Life Center & BNI Inspire)


Door Prizes & Donors

  • Bottle of Moet (Donated by Kim Wilson, Barry Plant Boronia Rentals)
  • Movie Tickets (Donated by Natalie Hallet & Adam Gurrie, Section Technologies)
  • $50 Coles Myer Voucher (Donated by Donna & John Harding-Smith, Lateral Building Design)
  • Wine (Donated by Carolyn Geyer, Geyer Accountants)
  • $100 Gold Glass Movie Tickets Voucher (Donated by Caren Hendrie, The Hendrie Group)
  • $200 Family Portrait Package (Donated by Denh Lay, Denh Lay Photography)



CoGS Australia Inc. Committee and Founders

Natalie Hallet: President.

Carolyn Geyer: Vice President

Adam Gurrie: Committee.

Kim Wilson: Secretary.

Donna Harding-Smith: Treasurer


We all have issues in life, but what the CoGScommittee has striven for should be applauded.  Luck doesn’t come with complacency –it comes from the heart to give, grow, and get results.  Business or a cause, the message is the same!

Congratulations and thanks to all that attended and got involved to help water the CoGS Tree of Change.

For further information, includingfuture sponsorship,donations, or support options,please contact CoGS Australia Inc. at

Article Written by Julie Cuthbert (Text Write Incite), July, 2013.


Ways to assist us with this event next year include:

·  Promotion
·  Donations of items for give-aways or raffles
·  If you would love be one of our presenters or know someone that would be equally awesome and we’d love to hear from you!


Watch this space for the next great event date!!