Coordinator—Natalie Hallett

Telephone: 0404 556 376


Being a part of the Charity in the UK for 4 years and having been to the school in Africa, I have a burning passion to make sure that all of the children and generations to come have the opportunity for a real start in life. Being one of the Founders of CoGS Australia has made me realise even more that trying something new (setting up a Charity) to help and do something for others really can make a difference.



SectionTech_51  Vice President –Adam Gurrie

  Telephone: 0403 126 457


I have seen Natalie’s passion for this charity since I first heard her speak of it and I think it is a worthwhile cause where we can really help    to make a difference to the lives of the children and the villagers too. Giving our time to really help change these peoples futures for the        better just makes sense.



Treasurer—Donna Harding-Smith

Telephone: 0417 519 272Donna


It’s not only exciting to part of something “new” but to be able to create such a difference at the same time is awesome! I feel honoured to have been asked to be part of CoGS Australia and thoroughly enjoy working with some very successful and wonderful people. The people in the Village do not have the choices we do in Australia nor the access to help. I look forward, one day, to seeing for myself how CoGS UK and CoGS Australia have improved and are improving the lives of the children and families in The Gambia.


Kathryn Photo  Secretary – Kathryn Christie


“I was fortunate enough to attend COGS Australia’s first event, the Shopping Tour in 2012. I had the best time and found out so much    about what the team has been doing to help not only the kids but the community in Jabang Village, The Gambia; I had to be a part of it!  I’m thrilled to have joined the team and I
look forward to visiting the site myself in the near future.”


General Committee Member – Tim Button