CoGS was formed in April 2007, in the UK and it was dedicated to meeting the educational, welfare and medical needs of children in The Gambia. CoGS fund the running costs and further development of a nursery school for 100 children  at Jabang Village, which now includes a bore hole delivering fresh water greatly benefiting the school and the local community. The next aim is to build a medical and birthing facility on adjacent land to the school which the school owns.

CoGS Australia was established in 2013 to support CoGS UK by bringing  another dimension and much needed support to the Charity. Natalie Hallett, the COGS Australia President, moved to Australia two years ago and after a short time felt that she needed to, in some way, continue as part of the Charity she had left behind.

The UK Charity was founded by a friend of Natalie’s mum, who she knows well herself. Natalie’s parents are also on the UK committee. As a result she has first hand knowledge how the Charity was being run, who by and indeed could see and verify that all funds raised were actually getting to the children . It was therefore, a natural progression for Natalie to continue to support the Charity from Australia.
Nat and her sponsor childAfter moving, Natalie realised that sponsoring one of the little girls Adama (seen in the photo on the right with Natalie) at the school not enough and wanted to do more. She missed not being able to do any formal fundraising or “easily popping over to Africa” to help with the building and development of the school. It was all just too much to just walk away from.
Late 2012 Natalie spoke to her partner Adam (Committee Member) who suggested they set up a Charity in Australia to work alongside the UK team to support and develop the children’s futures in Africa. The next step was finding a team to do this with. They first spoke to Kim (Secretary) and then Donna (Treasurer) to see if they would like to be involved. They both agreed. In course of setting up the Charity, a 5th and final person, was needed (and wanted) and following discussions with Carolyn (Vice President), she too agreed to join the team. To this end, and we are now an “official team” and importantly a registered Charity compromising a Committee/Board!

So here we are today creating and managing fundraising events, securing sponsorships and developing other ways to assist the children. We look forward to your support, however grand or small that may be!